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Grumman XTB3F-2 "Avenger"

The XTB3F-2 in flight

    Test Engine: De Havilland H-1B "Goblin" turbojet
Specifications for TBF-1 "Avenger"
    Engine: 1x Wright R-2600-8 radial piston engine with 1,700 hp
    Wing Span: 54' 2''
    Length: 40' 11.5''
    Height: 16' 5''
    Weight: Empty 10,100 lb / Loaded 15,905 lb
    Maximum Speed: 278 mph
    Ceiling: 23,400'
    Range: 2,530 miles
    Crew: 3
    Armament: 3x .30 machine guns / 2,000 lb of bombs or 1x 21'' torpedo

The XTBF-3 started life as a TBF-1 "Avenger"(24141), In 1943 it was converted to become the prototype for the General Motors TBM-3 with a Wright R-2600-20 piston engine making 1,900 hp. Later the aircraft was modified to become a testbed for the British De Havilland H1-B "Goblin" turbojet engine, to be made under-licence by General Motors as the J-36.

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