Avia S-92
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Avia S 92/CS 92

The Avia S-92

    Engine: 2x M-04B(Jumo 004)turbojets
    Wing Span: 12.5 m
    Length: 10.58 m
    Height: 3.83 m
    Weight: Empty 4,000 kg / Loaded 7,045 kg
    Maximum Speed: 870 km/h
    Ceiling: 11,450 m
    Range: 1,050 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 4x 30 mm cannons in nose


During the war the Germans set up a number of assembly plants in Czechoslovakia for the of the production Messerschmitt Me 262. After the war the manufacturing infrastructure remained intact, so production could start up again for the new owners. This decision was taken remarkable quickly after the Soviet "Liberation" on the 27/5/1945

The first Avia S 92.1 was assembled at Letnany Research Institute in 1945 (PL-01), with the air frame coming from Avia and the engines from the repair works in Malesice (the Junkers Jumo 004 now called the M-04). The S 92's first flight was on the 27/09/46, with Avia's chief pilot Antonin Kraus in control. That same year on December 10th the CS 92 took to the air for the first time.

Delivery of the first S 92 to the Czech air force was on 42/6/1948. With twelve being made in all, nine S 92 and three CS 92 equipping the 5th Fighter Flight, until they were grounded for use as instructional airframes in 1951.

By the time Yugoslavia showed interest in buying the S 92, Avia was looking at closing down the production line to make way for new up to date aircraft and when Avia were given a licensed to make the Mig 15 (they were all ready making the Yak 23 as the S 101) the S 92 facilities were broken up.

The two seater Avia CS 92
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