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Borovkov-Florov "Izdeliye D"


    Engine: 1x Tumansky M-71 piston engine @ 2,000 hp/ 2x Merkulov DM-12 ramjets, fitted in side the twin booms.
    Wing Span: 14.80m
    Length: 11.67m
    Weight: N/A
    Maximum Speed: 837 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 2x ShVAK 20mm cannons / 2x NS-37 37mm cannons

The "D" was designed by A.A.Borovkov and I.F. Florov in 1940/41, it was the most advanced of the USSR's piston engine and combined ramjet designs, the "D" had many advanced features such as 20°swept wings, the ramjets fitted in the twin tail booms and a ingenious design of pneumatic ejection seat.

But it was never to take to the air, because of the German attack on the USSR in 1941 stopped all work on this project, as OKB-7 was in the extreme western USSR.

A.A.Borovkov was killed in an air crash in 1945. I.F.Florov went on to design the Florov 4302 Rocket plane in 1945/46.

An original line drawing of the BF-D
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