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BMW Flugelrad V-1

    Flying Disc
(Artwork from Planet Models)

    Engine: 1x BMW 003 axial-flow turbojet making 800 kg of thrust, with 4 deflection blades
    Disc Span: 6 m
    Height: 2.20 m
    Weight: 3,000 kg
    Crew: 1
    Armament: None

Designed by a BMW engineering team led by Dr. Miethe near Prague. The Flugelrad V-1 was built in 1943 and made it's first flight in August/September that year at the Prag/Kbely airfield.

The Idea behind this odd looking aircraft, was the use of deflection of the exhaust gases from a BMW 003 turbojet upwards to make a 12 bladed disc (with a diameter 6 m) spin up to 1,800 r.p.m., Then to simultaneously redirect the exhaust backwards and changing the pitch of the discs blades, thus take off VTO, the plane would then fly like an Autogyro.


A 3 veiw drawing of the BMW Flugelrad V-1
(Line drawing from Reichdreams)
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