Jets45 Histories

Focke-Wulf Fw 44

    Trainer (testbed)
A Fw 44J

    Test Engine: BMW Motorjet
    Engine: 1x Bramo 325 piston engine
    Wing Span: 9 m
    Length: 7.30 m
    Height: 2.70 m
    Weight: Empty 525 kg / Loaded 900 kg
    Maximum Speed: 185 km/h
    Ceiling: 3,900 m
    Range : 675 km

    Crew: 2


In 1938 under the direction of Dr Hermann Oestrich a team at BMW started to make a completely flyable Motorjet engine, in this they were successful. The engine consisted of a Barium 325 piston engine fitted with a four-bladed axial blower disk with a diameter of 1.47m, which was enclosed in a nacelle, which it's self could be altered in flight to compensate for speed and altitudes. It was decided to fit it on a Fw-44 replacing the aircraft's own engine completely, the modified Fw-44 was tested by Hann Reitsch and it flew flawessly. Another engine was made using the Bramo 329 piston engine but the results were not so satisfactory, further research was done by Dr Oestrich into the combination piston/jet engine, but no other engines were made.

How the BMW Motorjet fitted to the Fw 44
A cut away drawing of the BMW Motorjet
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