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Chance Vought F6U "Pirate"

The F6U "Pirate"

    Engine: 1x Westinghouse J-34-WE-22 turbojet engine
    Wing Span: 32' 8''
    Length: 37' 7''
    Height: 12' 9''
    Weight: Empty 7,320 lb / Loaded 12,900 lb
    Maximum Speed: 596 mph
    Ceiling: 46,260'
    Range: 1,170 miles
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 4x 20mm Cannons

The first jet powered aircraft by Chance-Vought, the F6U "Pirate" was designed in 1944 as a single seat fighter for the US Navy. The construction was innovative for it's time with balsa wood and glassfibre being used, how ever apart from this the design was conventional. On the 29/12/1944 Chance-Vought was awarded a contract for three prototypes and a further 65 aircraft.

The first flight of the F6U was on the 2/10/1946, the aircraft was found to be under powered as well as having very bad handling properties, improvements were made and the airframe was modified so a new engine with an afterburner could be fitted the Westinghouse J-34-33, this aircraft was known as the F6U-1.

Even then the performance was described by the US Navy as sub-marginal. The order for 65 aircraft was cut to just 30 and they were assigned to a training roll.

The F6U-1 with the afterburner
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