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Douglas XBTD-2 "Destroyer"

    Mixed-Power Dive Bomber
The XBTD-2

    Engine: 1x Wright R--3350-14 piston engine / 1x Westinghouse WE 19-B turbojet engine
    Wing Span: 45'
    Length: 38' 6''
    Height: 12' 8''
    Weight: Empty 14,300 lb est
    Maximum Speed: N/A
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Crew: 1
    Armament: N/A

Designed in 1943 as an attempt by the US Navy and Douglas Company to utilize jet power as quickly as possible, the conversion of three aircraft (04962, 63 and 64) from the first production run of the Douglas BTD-1"Destroyer"consisted of adding a bomb bay fuel tank for the jet engine and removing the fuselage fuel tanks to make room for the Westinghouse engine, which was fitted at an inclined angle in what was the most undesirable location. The inlet was just behind the cockpit on the aircraft's back with a curved air flow to the engine which it's self was inclined upwards in an attempt to shallow out the air flow, this however end up with the exhaust exiting from the belly of the aircraft at an angle which diminished the benefit of the engines performance, as well as directing the very hot exhaust at the wooden flight decks of American carriers with unfortunate consequences. Out of the two prototypes made, only the first 04962 was flown in tests and the whole project was dropped due to the unsuitability of the design. It's interesting to note that of the three aircraft which were ment to be converted, there appears to be no recorded of 04963 as an XBTD-2

Cutaway showing engine installation
One of two of the XTBD-2s under construction (04962)
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