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Dornier Do 17 Z / Do 217 E

    Bomber (testbed)
Do 17 Z with a Lorin Ramjet

    Test Engines: Lorin type Ramjets
    Other Tests: Messerschmitt P.1079, DFS 228

Specifications for Do 17 Z-2

    Engines: 2x Bramo 323P Piston engines
    Wing Span: 18 m
    Length: 15.80 m
    Height: 4.55 m
    Weight: Empty 5,210 kg / Loaded 8,590 kg
    Maximum Speed: 410 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: 1,160 km
    Crew: 4


The Dornier Do 17 became obsolete very soon after the start of WWII and was replaced by the Do 217. It was used how ever by the DFS (Deutusche Forschungsinstitut für Segelflug) to test Lorin type ramjets of various sizes being designed by Dr Eugen Sanger from 1941 onwards, an increase in speeds of over a 150km/h were recorded. With the strain being put on the Do 17's airframe it was decided to use a Do 217E to test the bigger engines in the development of a ramjet engine needed to power a supersonic aircraft. By 1945 Dr Sanger had designed the SK P.1040 which was just being built by the end of the war.

Two other companies and designers were also working on ramjet type engines: Argus and Lippisch

A nice side on view of the Do17z showing the fittment of the Lorin Ramjet
Do 217E fitted with a Sanger ramjet
The same Do 217E from the rear


Other Tests using the Do 217

Do 217K with the DFS 228
Also the high altitude rocket powered research aircraft the DFS 228 used the Do 217 as a mother plane, mounting the DFS 228 in the same way as the Me 328.
As well as testing engines the Do 217 was used to test a number of prototype aircraft such as the Messerschmitt P.1073 (Me 328) light fighter, with the little Messerschmitt being mounted "piggyback" fashion the mother plane.
Do 217E with a Me 328a
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