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Focke-Wulf Fw 200 "Condor"

    Maritime reconnaissance/bomber

    Tests: Fiesler Fi-103 "V1"
    Engine: 4x BMW-Bramo Fafnir 323 R-2 radial piston engines
    Wing Span: 32.84m
    Length: 23.46m
    Height: 6.3m
    Weight: Empty 12,951 kg / Loaded 22,700 kg
    Maximum Speed: 360 kp/h
    Ceiling: 5,800m
    Range: 4,440 km
    Crew: 6
    Armament: 1x 20mm cannon, 1x 15mm cannon, 3x 13mm machine guns / 2,100 kg bombs

The Fw-200 "Condor" was originally designed as a long-range civil airliner being converted into a bomber in 1940 because of the lack of long-range bombers in the Luftwaffe. The Fw-200 was used as the "mother" plane the first air tests of the Fiesler Fi-103 "V-1". Testing started in early December 1942 with glide tests in which the Fi-103 performed well, on Christmas Eve 1942 the first powered flight was undertaken from the Fw-200, unfortunately the Fi-103 only managed to cover 1km.

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