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Focke-Wulf P.VII "Flitzer"

    Mixed-power Fighter
(Artwork from Revell)

    Engine: 1x Heinkel He S 011 turbojet / 1x Walter HWK 509A rocket motor.
    Wing Span: 8 m
    Length: 10.55 m
    Height: 2.35 m
    Weight: Empty 2,730 kg / Loaded 4,350 kg
    Maximum Speed: 965 km/h (with rocket)
    Ceiling: 13,800 m
    Range: N/A
    Crew: 1 Pilot
    Armament: 2x 30 mm cannons in fuselage / 2x 20 mm cannons in wings
Designed between late 1943/44 the single jet engined twin-boom fighter most novel feature was the use of jet and rocket power, this allowed the aircraft to reduce it's take off run and also enabled it to reduce engagement times. By the autumn of 1944 the P.IIV was very well advanced in development with some subassemblies being completed ready for the first prototype, but the maximum speed of the aircraft was to low and it used to many "premium materials" in it's design, the cost of modifying the completed aircraft to solve these problems in time and money was just to much. Focke-Wulf had no other option but to scrap the whole "Flitzer" program.
The nearly completed mockup 1944
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