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Gotha Go145

The Go145 on a test flight with the Argus Pulse jet

    Test Engine: Argus VSR-9a pulse jet
    Engine: Argus As 10C 8-Cylinder air cooled inverted vee, making 240hp
    Wing Span: 9 m
    Length: 8.7 m
    Height: 2.9 m
    Weight: Empty 880 kg / loaded 1,380 kg
    Maximum Speed: 212 km/h
    Ceiling: 3,700m
    Range: 650km
    Crew: 2
    Armament: None

The Go 145 was one of (if not) the primary trainer for the Luftwaffe from 1934 to 1945. The aircraft's first flight was in 1933, with the first deliveries being made to the Luftwaffe in 1934, by the time production was ended in 1943 over 9,965 were made in Germany. Production was also carred out in Spain and Turkey with another 1,000+ being built there under licence!

It was also to see front line service in the roll of a night ground attack aircraft from October 1942 onwards on the Eastern Front.

The aircraft was used for the first test flight of the Argus VSR-9a pulse jet engine in 1941, this early version of the pulse jet had a thrust of 120 kg. The aircraft was fitted with a sheet-metal cover over the bottom of the fuselage to protect it from the very hot exhaust, the pulse jet it's self was fixed in such away that it would lay close to the underside of the fuselage at take off and landing, to be swung into place when in use. The first flight was on the 30/4/1941 at E-Stelle Diepensee with the pilot being Flugkapitän Staege
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