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Gotha P.60 B

An impression of the Gotha P. 60B

    Engine: 2x Heinkel He S 011 making 2,865 lb of thrust
    Wing Span: 13.50 m
    Length: 9.90 m
    Height: 3.50 m
    Weight: Empty 5,161 kg / loaded 9,953 kg
    Maximum Speed: 980 km/h
    Ceiling: 12,400 m (40,500 ft)
    Range: 2,800 km
    Crew: 2
    Armament: 4x 30mm cannons

The Gotha P.60 program was Dr Gothert and Ing Hunerjager attempt to improve the Ho IX/Go 229. The main airframe of the P.60 was made of tubular steel with the wings being of a all wood lattice work, both were covered with a plywood/carbon-sawdust mix/plywood sandwich which was radar absorbent. The two crew members were accommodated side by side in a prone position with the cabin being fully faired in to the nose shape, the engines were mounted above and below the rear of the aircraft. Work had started on the prototype P.60 B, when at the end of January 1945 new requirements were laid down, which led to all work being stopped on the P.60 B.

line drawings of the P.60 B
(line drawings from Dan Jonson)
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