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Heinkel He 111

The He 111 fitted with the He s 011
(Image from Bert Hartmann)

    Test Engine: Heinkel He S 011
    Other Tests: Fi 103 V-1, Fi 103 A-1/Reichenberg II/III, A5 Rocket, Hs 117 AG.

Specifications for He 111 H-20

    Engines: 2x Junkers Jumo 213E-2 inline piston engines with 2-stage supercharger & GM-1 power boost @ 1,750 hp each
    Wing Span: 22.60 m
    Length: 16.39 m
    Height: 4 m
    Weight: Empty 7,700 kg / Loaded 14,000 kg
    Maximum Speed: 420 km/h
    Ceiling: 8,500 m
    Range: 2,600 km
    Crew: 5
    Armanment: 3x 13 mm MG 131 machine guns / 4x 7.92 mm MG 81 machine guns / 2,200 kg of bombs


The Heinkel He 111 made history in the story of the Jet in more ways than one, It was the only aircraft to fly under the power of the Heinkel He S 011 turbojet engine in 1945. It also was used to air launch the Fieseler Fi 103 V-1 against targets on the British mainland in the closing stages of WWII with some success, around 800 V-1s were launched in this manner over the North Sea from October 1944

If that was not enough, the He 111 was also used to launch the Fieseler Fi 103 A-1/Reichenberg II (two manned) and the Fi 103 A-1/Reichenberg III (single manned), both of which were powered training models of the Fi 103 A-1/Reichenberg IV manned flying bomb.

A He 111 H-22 with it's Fi 103 V-1
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