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Heinkel He 178

    Research Aircraft
The He 178 V-1

Specifications for He 178 V1
    Engine: 1x Heinkel He S 3B turbojet
    Wing Span: 7.20 m
    Length: 7.48 m
    Height: 2.10 m
    Weight: Empty 1,570 kg / Loaded 1,950 kg
    Maximum Speed: 640 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: 200 kg
    Crew: 1
    Armament: none
The first aircraft powered solely by a turbojet engine had it's first flight on the 24/8/1939. The 178 was a simple design, as it's only goal was to hold the He S 3 engine, the only problem being with the air intake, a number of designs were put forward, particularly those for side intakes in the end the nose intake was used, which was to cause problems with the clean flow of air to the engine. Two He 178 were made the second having a longer wing span. Both aircraft did not survive the war.
The He 178 V-2
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