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Horten Ho XVIIIB-2

An artist impression of the Ho XVIIIB-2

    Engine: 6x Junkers Jumo 004 turbojets
    Wing Span: 42.5 m
    Length: 19 m
    Height: 5.80 m
    Weight: Loaded 41,000 kg
    Maximum Speed: 910 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: 12,000 km
    Crew: 3
    Armament: 4x 20mm cannons / 4,000 kg of bombs

Designed by the Horten brothers with the aid of Dipl-Ing K Nickel at the end of 1944, after an appeal by Goring for a long-distance bomber to deliver a 4,000 kg bomb load to the USA. Goring awarded the Production contract on 23/3/1945 and with his backing construction started on 1/4/1945 at the underground workshops of the Kahla complex in Thuringia, nothing is known of what it's fate was. The air craft was made of steel tubing covered with a 15mm plywood/carbon sawdust/plywood skin, the engines were fitted externally under the wings in two pod of three engines, the landing gear was retractable, there were two weapon station in the nose / tail each with 2x 20mm cannons remotely controlled from the crew cabin which was pressurized and located in the front section of the large vertical surface.

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