Jets45 Histories

Henschel Hs 130

    High-Altitude Reconnaissance / Bomber (Testbed)

A Hs 130 Being prepared for flight

    Test Engine: BMW 018
    Engine: 2x Daimler Benz DB-603 piston engines (supercharged by a DB-605 in fuselage)
    Wing Span: 33 m
    Length: 22 m
    Height: 5,60 m
    Weight: Empty 12,200 kg / Loaded 18,100 kg
    Maximum Speed: 610 km/h
    Ceiling: 18,000 m plus
    Range: 3,000 km
    Crew: 4
    Armament: none


A development of the Hs 128 high-altitude research aircraft, the Hs 130A first flew in November 1940, the aircraft was used to test engines, turbocharged, remote control cameras ect,. the final development of the Hs-130 was the E model which took to the air in September 1942.

The Hs 130E was intend to flight test the new BMW 018 jet engine, when the only complete example was destroyed in an air raid in late 1944, no other engines were finished by the time the war ended.

A line drawing of the BMW 018
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