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Henschel Hs 132

    Dive Bomber

    Engine: 1x BMW 003 turbojet
    Wing Span: 7,85 m
    Length: 8.80 m
    Height: N/A
    Weight: Empty 1,895 kg / Loaded 3,400 kg
    Maximum Speed: 750 km/h (800+km/h in dive)
    Ceiling: 10,000 m
    Range: 1,100 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 1x 500kg bomb
The Hs 132 design was submitted in April 1944 and a contract for six aircraft was approved in May 1944. Construction only started in March 1945, this was caused by problems with the computerized bomb sight needed because of the high speeds which would be reached in it,s dive. By the war's end the Hs 132 V1 was near to completion and it's first flight was scheduled for June 1945. The aircraft was captured by the Soviet Forces and later tested under Soviet supervision. An interesting design as pilot was to lie prone behind a glass nose canopy, this posture allowed the pilot to better resist the g-forces encountered when pulling out of a dive. This also allowed the advantage of a reduced frontal area, therefore reducing drag as well as a smaller target for defending gunners.
The Hs 132 as it was found in 1945
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