Jets45 Histories

Yakovlev Jak 7 R

A model of the Jak-7R

    Engine: 1x D-1A rocket engine and 2x Merkulov DM 4 S ramjets
    Wing Span: 10 m
    Length: n/a
    Height: n/a
    Weight: n/a
    Maximum Speed: est 800 km/h plus
    Ceiling: n/a
    Range: n/a
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 2x UBS 20mm cannons

Similar in the design idea to the Tikhonravov 302. The M-105 engine was replaced with a cockpit for the pilot and armed two 20mm cannons, a D-1A rocket engine was fitted in the tail and two DM-4S ramjets fitted under the wings. The airframe was never completed.

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