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Nakajima Ki 201 "Karyu"

The Ki 201
(Drawing from Hikoki 1946)

    Engine: 2x Ne 130 or Ne-230 axial-flow turbojets
    Wing Span: 13.69 m
    Length: 14.5 m
    Height: 4.69 m
    Weight: Empty 4,509 kg / Loaded 7,014 kg
    Maximum Speed: 851 km/h
    Ceiling: 12,000 m
    Range: 978 km
    Armament: 2x 30mm cannons / 2x 20mm cannons

Nakajima started work on the Ki 201 with out official sanction in late 1944, so work progressed slowly. The first flight was to be around December 1945, but Japan surrendered well be for that date, so the only prototype was never finished and it's fate is not known.

A 3 view image of the Ki 201
(Drawing from Hikoki 1946)
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