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Lavochkin La-150

The Lavochkin La 150

    Engine: Tumanskii RD-10 turbojet.
    Wing Span: 8.20 m
    Length : 9.42 m
    Weight: Empty 2,059 kg / Loaded 2,961 kg
    Maximum Speed: 850 km/h
    Ceiling: 12,500 m
    Range: 700km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 2x 23mm cannons
This was the first jet fighter from the Lavochkin bureau. Designed in 1945, it's first flight was in September 1946, flown by A.A.Popov, with testing continuing until April 1947.

The over all performance was only just satisfactory, with high structural weight, high speed vibrations, tail oscillation and sluggish performance, as well as a poor center of gravity. Around five aircraft were made, the program was eventually cancelled in 1947.

The aircraft was radically redesigned to be come the La 152/154/156 series, Though officially a modification of the La 150, it was a new design with new wings, fuselage, tail and cockpit. The first La 152 took to the air in October 1946, closely followed by the La 154.

The La 154
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