Lippisch P.11 - Delta VI
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Lippisch P.11"Delta VI"

A German model from 1944

    Engine: 2x Junkers Jumo 004 turbojets
    Wing Span: 10.80 m
    Length: 7.49 m
    Height: 2,76
    Weight: Empty 2,000 kg / Loaded 7,200 kg
    Maximum Speed: 1,040 km/h
    Ceiling: 12,000 m
    Range: 3,000 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament : 2x 30mm cannons or 1x 75mm cannon in external pack

The "Delta VI" started life as a design for a twin jet engined jet bomber in 1942, after some time Lippisch received an contract to develop a fighter from the design. By February 1944 the design was finished and the construction of four prototypes was handed to Henschel. The P.11 was of a monocoque construction with no load bearing frame. The stressed skin (which was made of two synthetics Dynal and Tronal) was made by forming it around molds.

By the end of the war only the V1 which was made of high grade plywood, unpowered and intended to test the flight characteristics for the P.11 had been made by Lippisch himself.

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