Messerschmitt P.1101
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Messerschmitt P.1101

    Research Aircraft
The P.1100 at Oberammergu May 1945 fitted with a Heinkel He S 011 engine

    Engine: 1x Junker Jumo 004 turbojet making 1,962 lb of thrust (V-1) / 1x Heinkel He S 011 turbojet making 2,865 lb of thrust (V-2) onwards
    Wing Span: 8.25 m
    Length: 9.17 m
    Height: 3.72 m
    Weight: Empty 1,950 kg / Loaded 3,200 kg
    Maximum Speed: 980 km/h
    Ceiling: 14,000 m
    Range: 1,100 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: None


The P.1101 as found by the Allies in 1945
The P.1101's development started early in 1944. The Messerschmitt design office was looking for a single-engined jet fighter with the same endurance and range as the successful Me 262. Of the several projects considered, the P.1101 was personally selected by Willy Messerschmitt for research into high speed flight and experiments with swept wings. After wind tunnel testing, construction of an experimental prototype was initiated in July 1944 and near completion when the Americans entered the research complex at Oberammergu in April 1945 where the plane was being built.
The P.1101 was shipped back to the USA for study. It was then pasted on the the Bell Co were, because it was to damaged to be flyable Bell built two copies with some design changes to accommodate the Allison J45 A-17 turbojet engine, as well as fitting it with wings which could have there sweep adjusted in flight. This aeroplane was named the X-5, and had it's first flight on the 20/6/1951.
The Bell X5 in 1951
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