Messerschmitt Me 110
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Messerschmitt Me 110

    Fighter/Bomber (testbed)
The Me 110 V-1

    Test Engine: Argus pulsejet A014 / Junkers Jumo Ju 004A
Specifications for the Me 110 G-4
    Engine: 2x Daimler Benz DB 605 Piston Engines
    Wing Span: 16.27 m
    Length: 12.67 m
    Height: 4 m
    Weight: Empty 4,975 kg / Loaded 9,888 kg
    Maximum Speed: 555 km/h
    Ceiling: 7,924 m
    Range: 2,100 km
    Crew: 2
After the test flights with the Gotha Go 145, a number of other aircraft were used to test improved versions of the new pulsejet engine built by Argus, one of the first was the Me 110 (GL+AZ) in 1942/43, where the 109/014 engine was fitted to the rear of the aircraft. Also a Me 110 was modified in February 1942 to test in flight the Junkers Jumo 004, this took place on the 15/3/1942. The tests went on until two more 004's were fitted to the Me 262 for it's first flight on 18/7/1942.
There were also plans made for the fitment of one or two Junker Jumbo 004 turbojet engines on to the Me 110s replacement the Me 410, However this was never done, but the plans do give some idea how the Junkers Jumo 004A would have been fitted on to the Me 110.
The proposed fitment of the Junker 004 engine on the Me410
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