Petlyakov Pe-2L
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Petlyakov Pe-2L

    Bomber ( testbed )
The Pe-2L

    Test Engine: RD-13 / D-10 Pulsejet (Argus As 014)
Specification for Pe-2L
    Engine: 2x M-105 piston engines
    Wing Span: 17.6 m
    Length: 12.6 m
    Weight: Empty 5,863 kg / Loaded 7,563 kg
    Maximum Speed: 540 km/h
    Ceiling: 8,800 m
    Range: 1,200 km
    Crew: 3
    Armament: None

The Pe-2L was used to evaluate the effect of the RD-13/D-10 pulsejet engine (and other experimental pulsejet engines) on an aircraft's airframe as well as a booster engine. The engine was placed on the top of the fuselage to the rear. The tests were not followed up.

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