Reggiane Re.2007
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Reggiane Re.2007

An artist impression of the Re 2007
(Artwork from RS Models)

    Engine: 1x Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet
    Wing Span: 9.5 m
    Length: 9 m
    Height: 2.93 m
    Weight: Empty 2,500 kg / Loaded 3,540 kg
    Maximum Speed: 1,050 km/h
    Ceiling: 15,000 m
    Range: 1,500 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 4x 20mm cannons

Detail design of the Re 2007 single-seat jet fighter began in October 1943. With component manufacturing began shortly afterwards. All design work had to be based on the known dimension of the Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet engine, it's intended power plant, but could progress no further by January 1944 owing to to lack of detailed information relating to the engine and it's installation.

Hauptmann Bohm, the Luftwaffe's senior engineer at the Reggiane plant, could obtain no definitive decision concerning the supply of the two Junkers Jumo 004B's which had been promised by the Germans. On the 7th January 1944, Roberto Longhi wrote to Count Caproni, requesting that he intercede with the German authorities as design work had stalled. In the meantime, much of the rear fuselage, wing spars, ribs, undercarriage and the cockpit were built but because of the inability to obtain adequately detailed information relating to the engine work once again stalled.

In October 1944 the completed components were moved to the Caproni plant at Taliedo, where they would remain until the end of the war, when they were then shipped to the U.S.A.
It is interesting to note that the two Jumo 004B engines were sent to Italy, but were said to have been sold for scrap in Milan immediately after the collapse of the German forces in Italy.
A cut away of the Re 2007
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