A.N.Tupolev Tu-2L
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A.N.Tupolev Tu-2L

The Tu-2L

    Test Engine: RD-10 / TR-1
Specification ANT-60
    Engine: 2x M-82 piston engines
    Wing Span: 18.8 m
    Length: 13.71 m
    Weight: Empty 7,335 kg / Loaded 11,773 kg
    Maximum Speed: 528 km/h
    Ceiling: 9,000 m
    Range: 2,00 km
    Crew: 4
A number of Tu-2 were converted for special research and as use as test beds, known as the Tu-2L (Letauschaja Laboratorija "Flying Lab"). They were used to test the RD-10 (Junkers Jumo 004) and the Lyulka TR-1 turbojet engines.
However in 1946 the Tu-2 it's self was redesigned to be powered by two Nene jet engines, this ment the air frame was strengthened and fitted with a redesined nose as well as the fuselage being enlarged to take more fuel, now known as the Tu-12 (77). It had it's first flight on 27/7/1947, only five were made by Setember 1947 being fitted with the RD-45 engine ( a sovite copy of the "Nene"
The Tu-12
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