Varga RMI-1 X/H
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Varga RMI-1 X/H

RMI-1(with Jendrassik Cs-1turboprop engines)

    Engine: 2x Jendrassik Cs-1 Turboprop @1,000 h.p
    Wing Span: 15.70m
    Length: 12.74 m
    Height: 5.50 m
    Weight: Empty 4,500 kg / Loaded 6,500 kg
    Maximum Speed: 540 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Crew: 3
    Armament: N/A
The RMI-1 was designed in 1940 by Laszlo Varga specifically for the Jendrassik Cs-1 turboprop engine then under development at the Ganz Wagon & Engine Works in Budapest. The RMI-1 was built at the Sosto Repair Works, but difficulties were experienced with the final assembly, this combined with problems with the Cs-1's combustion, led to the program being stopped at the end of 1941 in favour of the Me 210 and it's power plant the DB 605 piston engine. But this was not the end of the RMI-1. The airframe was finished in 1942 and stored. In 1943 it was fitted with two Jumo 210E piston engines, then in December that year it was fitted with two DB 605! ready for it first flight in June 1944, but before this could take place the RMI-1 was completely destroyed in a USAAF air raid.
A Line drawing of the Varga
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