Yakovlev Jak 7 - PVRD
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Yakovlev Jak 7 (PVRD)

    Fighter (testbed)
The Yak7 PVRD in the winter of 1944

    Test Engine: Merkulov DM-4C ramjet
    Engine: 1x MF-105PA piston engine
    Wing Span: 10 m
    Length: 8.47 m
    Height: 2.75 m
    Weight: Empty 2,450 kg / Loaded 2,935 kg
    Maximum Speed: 613 km/h
    Ceiling: 9,250 m
    Range: 590 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 1x 20mm cannon / 1x 12.7mm m
As with other Soviet aircraft as they approached the end of there useful life because of advances by the opposition, an attempt was made to increase the performance by fitting ramjets to the under side of the wings. In this case the Yak 7 was fitted with two Merkulov DM-4C ramjets of 500mm diameter and a weight of 30 kg. The results were the increased speed desired, but with very high fuel consumption as well as high drag which slowed the plane down when the ramjets were turn off. Tested twice first in 1942 on a Yak-7UTI, and again from March to December 1944 more successfully on a Yak-7B flown by S.N.Anokhin, how ever the idea was dropped.
A side veiw of the same aircraft
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