Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka 22
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Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka 22
"Cherry Blossom"

    Manned Air to Surface Missile
Ohka 22

    Engine: 1x Tsu-11 Motorjet
    Wing Span: 4.05 m
    Length: 6.85 m
    Height: 1.14 m
    Weight: Empty 546 kg / Loaded 1,453 kg
    Maximum Speed: 444 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: 112 km
    Armament: 600 kg warhead

The same aircraft from behind
(Images from Hikoki 1946)

The model 22 "Ohka" was designed to increase the range of the model 11, thus hopefully saving the parent aircraft from attack.Fitted with a simple Campini-type motorjet engine and small wings. It was to carried by the Yokosuka P1Y-1 "Ginga" medium bomber at first, with a definitive version being specifically designed for the job P1Y-3, this never got beyond the drawing board, but the third prototype P1Y was used for test flights with the Ohka 22. Only fifty of these diminutive aircraft were made, with only one taking to the air in July 1945 for testing carried by a P1Y-1.

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