Yokosuka Ohka 43
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Yokosuka Ohka 43 "Cherry Blossom"

    Manned Surface to Surface Missile
"Ohka" Model 43 with Ne-20 engine

    Engine: 1x Ne-20 turbojet
    Wing Span: 8.95 m
    Length: 8.15 m
    Height: 1.14 m
    Weight: Empty 1,152 kg / Loaded 2,274 kg
    Maximum Speed: 555 km/h
    Ceiling: N/A
    Range: 241 km
    Crew: 1
    Armament: 800 kg warhead

As the Allies got closer to the Japanese main land, the use of the "Oh" as a land or sea launched missile was considered, this resulted in the Model 43A, larger that the Model 22 with folding wings as it was intend to be launched from submarines and the Model 43B which was to be launched from the land, it was fitted with jettisonable wing tips to be released just before the finial attack.

Both models were powered be the NR-20 turbojet a copy of the BMW 003 engine. The first prototype Model 43 was under construction by the time of the surrender. There was however a two seat trainer the Model 43K-1 KAI "Wakazakura" (Young Cherry) which did see limited production, it had a small rocket motor the Model-20 Type-4 Mk I to simulate powered flight. "Wakazakura"
Model 43 K-1 trainer
(Images from Hikoki 1946)
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