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Here is all model kits of the aeroplanes covered in Jets45, as of February 2005. This is not to say they are all currently available, nor is it a guarantee of quality. For conversions the maker of the conversion is listed..
The list is color coded. Black = Injected Plastic
, Brown = Resin, Green = Vacform, Purple = Fiber Glass and Gray = Metal. * Means other parts of metal, resin etc.


Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer     Notes
Allison J35 (engine) 1/48 Dolphin Models*  
Arado Ar 234 B 1/72 Dragon*,  Frog/Revell/Matchbox(B&C), Lindberg Airwave* conversion for B2n
Wings conversion for V16
Arado Ar 234 C 1/72 Dragon*/Revell  
Arado Ar 234 B 1/48 Hobbycraft, Hasegawa  
Arado Ar 234 C 1/48 Hobbycraft, Revell/Monogram  
Arado Ar 234 C 1/32 Craftworks*  
Argus As 014 pulesjet (engine) 1/72 Unicraft  set of eight
Armstrong Whitworth AW 52 1/72 A&V Models*, ARAB*  
Avia S 92 1/72 SMER, Hasegawa    
Avia S 92 1/48 any Me 262 A1a Czech decals by Tally Ho #TY48026
Avia S 92 1/32 Hasegawa/FROG, Revell, Trumpeter Czech decals by Tally Ho #TY32006
Avia S 92 1/18 MPM-HPH* (Me 262) needs Czech decals
Avia CS 92 1/72 SMER/Plastyk   
Avia CS 92 1/48 Tirmaster/Dragon (Me 262 B1/U1) DIY conversion
needs Czech decals
Avia CS 92 1/32 Revell (Me 262 B1/U1) DIY conversion
needs Czech decals
Avro "Lancaster" 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
Avro "Lancaster" 1/96 Frog/Novo DIY conversion
Avro "Lancaster" 1/72 Airfix(old tool) Airfix(new tool), Frog/Novo, Matachbox/Modelcraft, Revell DIY conversion
Aeroclub* BII conversion for Airfix
Avro "Lancaster" 1/48 Tamiya DIY conversion

Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer     Notes 
Bell XP 59  1/72 Merlin, Karo-As, Rareplane, Anigrand Craftswork, Special Hobby*   
Bell XP 59 1/48 Hobbycraft^, Collect-Aire* ^YP&B versions
Bell XP 83  1/72 KR Models   
Berezenyak/Isaiev BI-6  1/72 Pioeer/Eastern Express/Maquett+, Model Line, Victoria Products*, +nice Russian kit with DM4
Berezenyak/Isaiev BI-6 1/48 Sierra Scale Models*  
Blohm & Voss 211  1/72  Special Hobby*, Wings   
Blohm & Voss 211  1/48  Planet Models   
Blohm & Voss 212  1/72  Special Hobby*, ARAB*, Airmodel    
Blohm & Voss 212 1/48 ARAB*, Fonderie Minature*  
BMW "Flugerlrad"  1/72  Planet Models*, Unicraft   
BMW 003 (engine) 1/72 Engines & Things, Dragon*# #with He162
Boeing B-17G "Fortress" 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
Boeing B-17G "Fortress" 1/72 Airfix, Airfix/Academy, Frog/Maquette+, Revell, Matchbox, Hasegawa DIY conversion
+E version
Boeing B-17G "Fortress" 1/48 Monogram/Revell DIY conversion
Boeing B-17G "Fortress" 1/32 Panda DIY conversion
Boeing B-29 "Super Fortress" 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
Boeing B-29 "Super Fortress" 1/72  Academy,  Airfix DIY conversion
Boeing B-29 "Super Fortress"  1/48  Monogram DIY conversion
Borovkov/Florov  I-207 1/72 Czech Omega Models, Paval*, A Models Omega conversion
Borovkov/Florov "D"  1/72  Unicraft   

Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer     Notes 
Caproni-Campin CC-2 N1  1/72  Delta 2   
Chance Vought F6U-1 "Pirate"  1/72  Pavla* Airmodel   
Chance Vought F6U-1 "Pirate"  1/48 Collect-Aire*   
Coanda "Turbine Airplane"      scratchbuild
Consolidated B 24 "Liberator" 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
Consolidated B 24 "Liberator" 1/72 Airfix, Academy/Minicraft, Matchbox, Revell DIY conversion
Consolidated B 24 "Liberator" 1/48 Monogram DIY conversion
Consolidated PB4Y-1 "Privateer" 1/72 Minicraft  
Consolidated PB4Y-2 "Privateer" 1/72 Matchbox  
Convair XB 46      scratchbuild
Convair XP 81  1/72  KR Models   
Curtiss XF 15 C-1  1/72 Airmodel+, RVHP#, Pro Resin# +A very basic kit
#Early & late versions
Curtiss XP 87 1/72 Execuform  
Curtiss XP 87 1/48 Collect-Aire*  

Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer     Notes 
Doblhoff WNF V-4  1/72  Blue Rider*  very hard to find
McDonnell FH-1 "Phantom"  1/72  MPM*, Airmodel    
McDonnell FH-1 "Phantom"  1/48 Collect-Aire*, Victoria Products*  
McDonnall F2H "Banshee" 1/72 HobbyCraft/Academy, Airfix  
McDonnell F2H "Banshee" 1/48 AMtech
McDonnell XP/XF-85 "Goblin" 1/72 MPM*, Twelve Squared  
McDonnell XP/XF-85 "Goblin" 1/48 Special Hobby*  
Dornier Do 17 Z 1/72 Frog/Revell/Matchbox/Tsukuda , Revell/Monogram,  Lindberg, Techmod DIY conversion
Dornier Do 17 Z 1/48 Hobbycraft, Techmod DIY conversion
Dornier Do 217 E 1/100 Kawai DIY conversion
Dornier Do 217 E 1/72 Italeri, Airfix+ +with PM's Me 328
Dornier Do 217 E 1/48 Monogram/Revell, MPM* DIY conversion
Dornier Do 335 1/72  Frog/Revell/Matchbox, Tsukuda, Dragon/Revell,  Lindberg DIY conversion
Unicraft conversion to Do 435
Dornier Do 335 1/48 Revell/Monogram, Tamiya* DIY Conversion
Douglas XB 42  1/72  Victoria Products*, Anigrand Craftswork  
Douglas XB 43  1/72  Victoria Products*, Esoteric*, Anigrand Craftswork    
Douglas XBTD-2 1/72 Esoteric*, Planet Models  DIY conversion
Douglas D-558-1 "Skystreak"  1/72  Meicraft, KR Models   
Douglas D-558-1 "Skystreak"  1/48  Collect-Aire*   

Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer   Notes 
EE "Canberra" 1/144 Oz Models DIY conversion
EE "Canberra" 1/96 Frog DIY conversion
EE "Canberra" ? Revell DIY conversion
EE "Canberra" 1/72  Airfix, Frog/Novo/Revell/Eastern Express, Matachbox, High Plans DIY conversion
EE "Canberra" 1/48 Aeroclub* DIY conversion

Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer   Notes 
Fiesler 103 "Reichenberg"  1/72  Heller/Encore, MAC*, A&V Models*, RS Models* with Ba 349 "Natter"
Fiesler 103 "Reichenberg" 1/48  Hi-Tech/One O Nine+, MPM +conversion (see SAM 9/02
Fiesler 103 "Reichenberg" 1/32 VacForm*
Fiesler 103 V-1  1/72 

Frog/Revell/Matchbox+, Frog/Novo/Chematic/Eastern Express+, Dragon/Fujimi+/Italeri+, MAC*, Airfix+

+with Ar 234
+with SpitfireXIV
+with He 111

+with MeteorIII
Fiesler 103 V-1  1/48  Tamiya, Italeri, Monogram+, MPM, Wings +with He 111
Focke-Wulf Fw 44 1/72 Huma, Airmodel DIY Conversion
Focke-Wulf Fw 44 1/48  Kora
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (A) TJ 1/144 Eduard DIY Conversion
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (A) TJ 1/87 CMK DIY Conversion
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (A) TJ  1/72  Academy, Admral*, Airfix, Heller/SMER, Hasegawa, Matchbox, MPM*, Sword*, Revell(old tool), Revell/Monogram(new tool), Tamiya Unicraft conversion
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (A) TJ 1/48 Otaki/Arii/Airfix/Matchbox, Fujimi, Monogram, DML/Monogram/Revell, Tamiya Antares conversion
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (A) TJ 1/32 Hasegawa(old tool), Hasegawa(new tool) DIY Conversion
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (A) TJ 1/24 Airfix Diy Conversion
Focke-Wulf P.VIII "Flitzer"  1/72  Revell, Special Hobby*   
Focke-Wulf P.VIII "Flitzer"  1/48  Planet Models   
Focke-Wulf Ta 183 "Huckben"  1/72  PM/Revell, Mash Models*   
Focke-Wulf Ta 183 "Huckben"  1/48  ARBA*, AMtech/Tamiya, Dragon  
Fw 200 "Condor" 1/72 Revell DIY conversion
Fw 200 "Condor" 1/48 MPM*, Koster Aero*, Sanger*, Trumpeter DIY conversion

Aircraft     Scale  Manufacturer     Notes 
Gloster "Whittle" 1/96 Eagal
Gloster "Whittle"  1/72  Frog/Novo/Chematic/Eastern Express, High Planes*   
Gloster "Whittle"  1/48  ARBA*, Special Hobby   
Gloster "Meteor"  1/72  Airfix(MkIII), Frog/Novo(MkIV) Unicraft (conversion for "Trent").
Gloster "Meteor"  1/48  Aeroclub(MkI-IV)*,  AMT(MkI), Tamiya(MkI, MkIII), Classic Airframes(Mk IV)*, SOL Modelismo (Mk IV)*  
Gloster E1/44 "Ace" 1/72  Maintrack Models*  
Gotha Go 145 1/72 Huma DIY conversion
Gotha P.60 1/72 Mash Models*  
Grumman XTBF-3 1/72 Airfix, Frog/Academy, Aoshima, Hasegawa "Avenger" DIY conversion
Grumman XTBF-3 1/48 Accurate Miniatures, Monogram "Avenger" DIY conversion
Grumman XTBF-3 1/32 Panda, Trumpeter, ID Models "Avenger" DIY conversion
Grumman XTB3F-1 1/72 Airmodel, Rare Planes*, RVHP, Siga, Ace* "Guardian" DIY conversion
Grumman XTB3F-1 1/48 Collect-Aire*  "Guardian" DIY conversion
Grumman XF9F-2 "Panther" 1/144 OZ Models  
Grumman XF9F-2 "Panther" 1/72 Hasegawa, Matchbox  
Grumman XF9F-2 "Panther" 1/48 Hawk, Aurora, Revell/Monogram, Hobby Craft  
Grumman XF9F-2 "Panther" 1/32 Fisher Model & Pattern*
Gudkov Gu-VDR 1/72 Unicraft  

Aircraft  Scale Manufacturer  Notes
Hawker P.1040  1/72  Maintrack Models*~, Airfix+, MPM+ Frog/Novo/Chematic/ Eastern Express+ ~makes P.1040 / P.1072
+"Sea Hawk" DIY conversion
Hawker P.1040 1/48 Falcon*, Classic Airframes "Sea Hawk" DIY conversion
De Havilland DH 100"Vampire"  1/72  Czech Master(MkI), Frog/Novo+, Heller/Airfix+, Marivox*(MkI) +MkV DIY Conversion
De Havilland DH 100"Vampire"  1/48  Hobbycraft(MkI), Classic Airframes(MkV)*"  "DIY Conversion
DE Havilland DH 108 "Swift" 1/72 Maintrack Models*, Planet Models MkI/III, MkIII
DE Havilland DH 108 "Swift" 1/48 ARBA*  
Heinkel He 111 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
Heinkel He 111 1/72 Airfix, Italeri+, Matchbox, RevellFrog, Hasegawa DIY conversion
+with Dragon's V-1
Heinkel He 111 1/48 Revell/Monogram^, Contrail ^H-22 with V-1
Heinkel He 118 1/72 Airmodel, Czech Master, Planet Models DIY conversion
Heinkel He 178  1/72  Condor*, Airmodel, Eagles Talon, Wings, Twelve Squared  
Heinkel He 178  1/48  Condor*   
Heinkel He 280  1/72  Huma, Merlin, Airmodel, Frank Modellbau, Airmodel  
Heinkel He 280  1/48  Eduard*  
Heinkel He 162 1/100 Faller  
Heinkel He 162   1/72  Frog/Revell , Dragon/Revell, Lindberg,  Planet Models, A&V*, Merlin*  
Heinkel He 162  1/48  Trimaster*/Dragon*  Antares conversion for A10, A11
Heinkel He 162 1/32 AML Hobby, Revell/Monogram  
Heinkel He 162 1/18 MPM  
Heinkel He 219 (BMW 003)  1/72  Frog, Revell, Dragon, Lindberg, Machbox, Airmodel DIY conversion
Heinkel He 219 (BMW 003)  1/48  Dragon*, Tamiya, Karo* DIY conversion
Heinkel He 343 1/72 Airmodel*, Planet Models  
Henschel Hs 132  1/72  Huma, Airframe, Frank Modellbau, Airmodel    
Henschel Hs 132  1/48  ARBA  
Horten/Gotha HoIX/Go229  1/72  Pioneer/PM+, Revell, Airmodel, A &V*^, Dragon + single & twin seat versions
^ V-1 unpowered
Horten/Gotha HoXI/Go229  1/48  Dragon  single & twin seat versions
Horten Ho VII 1/72 Czech Master/Planet Models  
Horten Ho XIIIa 1/72 Shark Kits  
Horten Ho XVIII b-1  1/144 Unicraft   
Horten Ho XVIII a  1/72 Shark Kits*   

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Junkers Ju 88A 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
Junkers Ju 88A 1/72

Airfix/MPC, Italeri, Revell, Frog, AMT, SK Models

DIY conversion
Junkers Ju 88A 1/48 Dragon/Revell, Hobbycraft DIY conversion
Junkers Ju 88G 1/72 Revell, AMT/ERTL, AMtec  DIY conversion
Junkers Ju 88G 1/48 Dragon, HobbyCraft DIY conversion
Junkers Ju EF 126 "Lilli" 1/72 Merlin*, A&V Models*  
Junkers Ju EF 128  1/72  HumaPlanet Model, Czech Master, Airmodel   
Junkers Ju EF 128  1/48  ARBA*  
Junkers Ju 287  1/72  Huma(V-1), Planet Models(A-1) Airmodel*  
Junkers EF 140 1/72 Luedemann
Junkers Jumo 004 (engine) 1/72 CMK, Engines & Things, Fine Molds, Extra Tech*  
Junkers Jumo 004 (engine) 1/48 CMK*, Engines & Things, Extra Tech*, Aires  

Aircraft Scale Manurfacturer Notes
Kyushu J7W2 "Shinden" 1/72 Hasegawa Both W1 & W2 made
Kyushu J7W1 "Shinden" 1/48 Hasegawa DIY conversion

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Lavochkin La 3 1/72  RedStar/Emhar(Frog), Toko/Roden, Dako/Eastern Express, Victoria Products*, Aer-Moldova/Unda Omega conversion
Lavochkin La 3 1/48 Victoria Products*, Wakufrom, HitKit, Pelta, LTD, Warrior DIY conversion
Lavochkin La 7 1/72 Frog/Novo/Chematic/Eastern Express, Kopro Models, Eduard* Omega conversion
Lavochkin La 7 1/48 Gavia*, Academy/Hobbycraft, Karo-As DIY conversion
Lavochkin La 126 / La 138 (La 9) 1/72  Interavia/SigaGran, Victoria Products*, MPM Omega conversion
Lavochkin La 150  1/72  Avia Stained, Contrail/Elliott   
Leduc 010 1/72 Twelve Squared  
Lippisch P.11 "Delta VI"  1/72  Planet Models   
Lippisch DM-1 1/72 Huma, Kora + + including KP's Siebel Si 204A
Lippisch DM-1 1/48 ACM*  
Lockheed L-133     scratchbuild
Lockheed P 80 "Shooting Star"  1/72  Airfix, RVHP, Gran F 80C
Lockheed P 80 "Shooting Star"  1/48 Monogram F 80 B/C
Lockheed P 80 "Shooting Star"  1/32  Collect-Aire*  F 80 C

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Martin P4M-1 "Mercator" 1/72 Esoteric  
Messerchmitt Me 110 C 1/72 Airfix, Frog, Italeri/Tamiya, Revell, Matchbox, Fujimi DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 110 C 1/48 Fujimi DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 110 C 1/32 Revell DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/144 Kopecky, STARR Miniatures* DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/100 Tamiya, Faller with Me 262
DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/96 Eagle/SITAP DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/72 Lindberg/Revell, Airfix, Heller/Aurora, Academy, Model Line/Maquette DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/48 Trimster*/Dragon*/Hasegawa/Revell/Monogram, Hawk/Testors/Italeri DIYconversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/32 Hasegawa, Combat Models, DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 163B "Komet" 1/24 MPM-HPM* DIY conversion
Messerchmitt Me 262A 1/144 Mitsua, Revell, AHM  
Messerchmitt Me 262A 1/100 Tamiya with Me 163 "Komet"
Messerchmitt Me 262A 1/72  Airfix, FROG/Matchbox, Revell(old tool), Revell/Monogram(new tool), Matchbox, Amodel, Aurora/Heller/SMER*, Hasegawa, MPM*, Jo-Han, HighPlanes* CMK* conversions
Airmodel conversions
Wings conversion HG II
Messerchmitt Me 262A  1/50 UPC, Plamodel Marusan  
Messerchmitt Me 262A  1/48  Nichimo,  Monogram/Hasegawa, Tamiya, Tamiya(clear)+ Trimster*/Dragon*/Revell/Italeri, Lindberg CMK* conversion for Me 262 B1a and CS-92
Antares conversion for HG-1

+ clear fuslage& wings, plus engines and other internal parts
Messerchmitt Me 262A  1/32  Hasegawa/Frog, Revell+,Trumpeter   +A1a & A1a/U4
Messerchmitt Me 262A 1/18 MPM-HPH*  
Messerchmitt Me 262B1 1/72  Revell+, Aurora/Heller/SMER*+, Hasegawa^, Intech +Airmodel, ^Unicraft Both (B2)conversion
Messerchmitt Me 262B1 1/48  Trimster*/Dragon B1a/U1
Messerchmitt Me 262B1 1/32 Revell, Hasegawa* B1a/U1
Messerchmitt Me 262B2 1/72 Airmodels+, Unicraft+, A&V* +conversions
Messerchmitt Me 328 1/72 Huma+, PM/Airfix+, Airmodel +A and B in one box
+available with Airfix Do 217
Messerchmitt P.1101  1/72  Huma, Dragon/Revell   
Mig 13 (I-250 N)  1/72  Avia Stiend   
Mig 9 (I-300)  1/72  Amodel, MPM*, Airmodel, Contrail/Elliott, Airomodell, Skarabey, Maquette  
Mig 15 (I-310) 1/144 OZ Models  
Mig 15 (I-310) 1/72 Airfix, PZW, Kopro, Dragon/Italeri, Zhengdefu, Eduard  
Mig 15 (I-310) 1/48 Monogram, Tamiya, Trumpeter  
Mig 15 (I-310) 1/32 Frog Models, Hobbycraft, Trumpeter  
Miles M.3 "Falcon" 1/72 Dujin DIY conversion
Miles M.3 "Falcon" 1/48 LF Models DIY conversion
Miles M.52 1/72 A&V Models*
Miles M.52  1/48  ARBA*   

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Nakajima "Kikka"  1/72  MPM*, RS Resin, PegasusVictoria Products*, Wings  
Nakajima "Kikka" 1/48 Ventura, Falcon, Fine Molds* *available with engine
Nakajima "Kikka-K"  1/72  RS Resin   
Nakajima Ki 201 "Karyu"  1/72  RS Resin   
North American P 51D "Mustang" 1/144 Minicraft DIY conversion
North American P 51D "Mustang" 1/72 Academy, Airfix, Heller, Italeri, Hasegawa, Serninar, Revell, Tamiya DIY conversion
North American P 51D "Mustang" 1/48 Hasegawa, Arii/Airfix, ICM, Hobbycraft, Tamiya, Testors, Monogram/Revell, Otaki, Fujimi, Nichimo, CDC DIY conversion
North American P 51D "Mustang" 1/32 Monogram, Hasegawa, Doyusha, Panda DIY conversion
North American P 51D "Mustang" 1/24 Airfix, Bandai, Trumpeter* DIY conversion
Turbo-Mustang 1/48 Heritage Aviation (Dart Engine) conversion
North American FJ-1 "Fury"  1/72  Siga*, Pegasus*, Rareplane   
North American FJ-1 "Fury"  1/48  Czech Model*, Collect-Aire*   
North American NA 140     scratchbuild
North American XB 45 "Tornado"  1/159 Frog  
North American XB 45 "Tornado"  1/72  Mach 2   
North American XB 45 "Tornado"  1/48 Sanger*  
Northrop JB 1/10 "Bat"     scratchbuild
Northrop XP 79B "Flying Ram"  1/72  RS Resin   
Northrop XB 35B(XB 49 1/72  AMT/ERTL  Big!
Northrop P-61 "Black Widow" 1/72 Airfix/Bilek, Dragon, Frog/Novo DIY conversion
Northrop P-61 "Black Widow" 1/48 Monogram/Revell, AMtech DIY conversion

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Petlyakov Pe-2L 1/72  Airfix/Bilek, Zlinek#, Zvesda/Italeri, VES DIY conversion
#1/76 scale
Petlyakov Pe-2L 1/48  MPM*, Histoic Plastic Models, Koster Areo Enterprises* DIY conversion
Polikarpov I-15bis 1/72 ICM, Av-Usk Omega conversion
Polikarpov I-15bis 1/48 Classic Airframe*, MPM*, Czech Master DIY conversion
Polikarpov I-153 1/72 Amodel, Heller/SMER*, Aer-Moldova/Unda Omega conversion
Polikarpov I-153 1/48 MPM* DIY conversion

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Reggiane Re 2007  1/72  RS Resin   
Republic JB-2 "Loon" 1/72 MAC*, (or any Fi 103 V-1)  
Republic JB-2 "Loon" 1/48 MPM  
Republic XP 84 "Thunderjet"  1/72  Academy+, Heller, Tamiya, Rareplane, Testors, MPC, Inplast, Choice Aeromaster, Frog, Aga Models, Kopro Models All 'G' versions/
+'E' version with clear canopy
Republic XP 84 "Thunderjet"  1/48  Monogram/Revell+, Tamiya, Battleaxe  All 'G' versions/
+'E' version with clear canopy
Rolls Royce "Nene" (engine) 1/72 Extra Tech*  
Rolls Royce "Nene" (engine) 1/48 Aires  
Ryan FR-1 "Fireball"  1/72  MPM*, Pegasus*, Airmodel, Execuform  
Ryan FR-1 "Fireball"  1/48  Collect-Aire*, Victoria Products, Wings*, Czech Model    
Ryan XF2 R-1 "Darkshark"  1/72  MPM*, Eagles Talon  
Ryan XF2 R-1 "Darkshark"  1/48  Collect-Aire*, Victoria Products, Wings*  

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
SAAB 201-202 1/72 Heller (91D "Safir") Broplan (56/57) conversion
SAAB J-21 R  1/72  Heller Broplan (06)conversion
SAAB J-29 "Tunnan" 1/72 Heller/Airfix, Matchbox  
Saunders Roa SRA-1  1/72  Planet Models, Dujin, Dragon Wing Models  
Skoda/Kauba P14.01 1/72 A&V Models*  
Sud-Quest So 6000 "Triton"  1/72  Mach 2   
Sukhoi Su 5  1/72  Czech Master, MPM*, Wings   
Sukhoi Su 9  1/72  MPM*, Victoria Products*, Contrail/Elliott   
Supermarine Type 392 "Attacker"  1/72  Frog/Novo/Eastern Express+,  Magna Models*,  Czech Master +Up grade by Airwaves*
Supermarine Type 392 "Attacker"  1/48  Falcon*   

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
MK Tikhonravov 302  1/72  A&V Models*, Amodel+  +(302P)
Tupolev Tu-2L 1/72 ICM/Encore, VEB, Mastermodel DIY conversion
Tupolev Tu-2L 1/48 Sanger* DIY conversion

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Varga RMI-1 X/H     scratchbuild
Vickers "Wellington" 1/96 Frog DIY conversion
Vickers "Wellington" 1/72 Airfix, Frog/Novo/Maquette/Modelcraft, Matchbox/Revell, MPM, Italeri DIY conversion
Vickers "Wellington" 1/48 Sanger*, Trumpeter DIY conversion

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Westland "Wyvern" 1/72 Frog/Novo", Czech Master, Trumpeter "Up grade by Aeroclub and Airwaves
Westland "Wyvern" 1/48 Dynavector*, Classic Airframes*, Trumpeter  

Aircraft Scale Manufacturer Notes
Yakovlev Jak-7(PVRD)  1/72  Model Line/Red Sky/Maquette, ICM, Dako Omega conversion
Yakovlev Jak-7(PVRD)  1/48 ICM DIY conversion
Yakovlev Jak-7R  1/72  Model Line/Red Sky/Maquette, ICM, Dako DIY conversion
Yakovlev Jak-7R 1/48 ICM DIY conversion
Yakovlev Jak 15  1/72  Amodel PM/Matchbox,  Eastern Express  
Yakovlev Jak 15  1/48  Czech Model*   
Yakovlev Jak 21 1/72 A&V Models*, Amodel  
Yokosuka "Ginga" P1Y1 1/72 Revell, Hasegawa DIY conversion
Yokosuka Ohka 22  1/72  A&V Models*, Twelve Squared  
Yokosuka Ohka 43  1/72  Unicraft, A&V Models*    
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