Aviation Developments and Events

A Year by Year list of the major development in the Jet up to 1945

& Some of the people that made it all happen.

List of Jets

List of Kits

John Barber patented the gas turbine engine

    1908 René Lorin patented the ramjet engine

    1909 Marconnt proposed the resonant gas-jet engine (pulsejet) for use in aircraft
    1910 Coanda builds and flies the world’s first jet powered aircraft the "Coanda 1910"
    1917 Dr J.S.Harris patented a Motor Jet design
    1920 Dr W.J. Stern reports to the RAF that there is no future for the turbine engine in aircraft
    1921 Maxime Guillame patented the Axial-Flow turbine engine
    1926 Dr A.A.Griffith paper "Aerodynamic Theory of Turbine design" revolutionized turbine blade design
    1927 Griffith’s blade design tested at the Royal Aircraft Establishment
    1927 Whittle wrights his thesis on aircraft design
René Lorin 1877-1933
Henri Coanda 1886-1972
    1930 Whittle patented his design for a turbine engine for powering an aircraft
    1930 Schmidt patented the pulsejet engine
    1931 Campini designs his motorjet engine the "Thermojet"
    1934 Von Ohain and Hahn build and runs a centrifugal turbojet engine
    1934 Campini starts work on the CC-2
    1935 Power Jets setup
    1935 Whittle’s patent lapsed
    1936 Heinkel hires Von Ohan and Hahn
    1937 Heinkel He S1 centrifugal engine tested
    1937 Whittle WI centrifugal engine tested
    Heinkel He 178 V1-V2 made
    Heinkel He S3 centrifugal engine tested
    Heinkel He S3 fitted to a Heinkel He 118 and flown (first aircraft to be powered with turbojet)

    BMW "Oestrich" Ducted fan engine tested

Ernst Heinkel 1888-1958
Hans von Ohain 1911-1998
    Junkers/Wagner Axial-Flow engine tested
    Whittle’s patent drawing for his engine published in the German Magazine "Flugsport"
    Heinkel He 178 V1 flown
    Campini’s CC-2 flown for first time
    Gloster start work on the G 40 "Whittle"
    Heinkel He S8 A centrifugal engine tested
    BMW P.3302 Axial-Flow engine tested
    Junkers 004 Axial-Flow engine tested
    Lockheed start work on the L-1000 Axial-Flow engine
Frank Whittle 1907-1996
Gyorgy Jendrassik 1889-1954
    Rover to make the Power Jet’s W2 centrifugal engine
    NACA in America tests the ramjet engine
    Henikel He 280 fighter flown for first time
    Gloster G-40 "Whittle" flown for first time (First British Jet powered aircraft)
    Heinkel He S 30 Axial-Flow engine run for first time
    Design of the Gloster Meteor started
    Jendrassik Cs-1 turboprop engine tested
    Metropolital-Vickers F-2 Axial-Flow engine tested
    Messerschmitt Me 262 first flight
    General-Electric Type I centrifugal engine tested ( America's first working turbojet engine)
    Junkers 004 fitted on to Me 110
    Daimler-Benz DB 109-007 Dual Axial-Flow engine tested
    Junkers 004 fitted to the Me 262 for first test flight
    BMW 003 Axial-Flow engine tested

    Rolls-Royce take over production of the Power Jet W2 engine from Rover

    Bell XP-59 first flight

    Feseler Fi 103 V-1 flown under power for first time
Hanna Reitsch 1912-1979
Geoffrey de Havilland 1882-1965
    Production of Junkers 004 B starts
    Power Jet’s W2/700 centrifugal engine tested (fitted to a Wellington Mk II bomber)
    Production of BMW 003 starts
    Westinghouse X19A Axial-Flow engine tested
    Milles Aircraft Company test an all-moving tailplane
    Roll-Royce "Derwent" centrifugal engine tested
    De Havalland H-1 "Goblin" centrifugal engine tested
    De Havalland DH 100 "Vampire" first flight
    Gloster "Meteor" first flight
    Lyul’ka VDR-2 Axial-Flow engine tested
    GEC J-31 centrifugal engine tested
    BMW 003R jet/rocket engine tested
    Rolls-Royce "Nene" centrifugal engine tested
    Junkers Ju 287 first flight
    BMW 018 Axial-Flow engine made
    Junkers 012 Axial-Flow engine tested
    Ford PJ-31-1 pulsejet made & tested
    Ne-20 Axial-Flow engine tested (Japan’s first working turbojet)
    Doblhof WNF-4 first flight First jet powered helicopter
John K. Northrop 1895-1981
René Leduc 1889-1968
    Junkers 022 turboprop made
    Junkers 004 with afterburner tested
    Rolls-Royce "Trent" Turboprop engine tested
    Trent engines fitted to a Gloster Meteor, first flight of a turboprop aircraft
    1st Avia S 92 made
    Lyul’ka VDR-3 Axial-Flow engine tested
    Lyul’ka TR-1 Axial-Flow engine made
    General-Electric J-33 centrifugal engine tested
    General-Electric J-35 Axial-Flow engine made
    General-Electric XT-31 turboprop engine tested
    Westinghouse WE-J-30 Axial-Flow engine tested
    Westinghouse WE-J-34 Axial-Flow engine made
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